2020 Art Sale and Exhibition – Online

St. Philip’s Art Sale & Exhibition

Thursday 29 October – Tuesday 10 November 2020

Go directly to the catalogue of pictures.

Information for buyers
  1. Purchasing onlinethree steps
    1. Complete the online form here.
    2. Await confirmation by email that the painting is still available for sale before making payment.
    All requests for pictures will be dealt with in strict order.
    3. Make a payment for the work of art by:
    EFT (Electronic File Transfer) directly to our bank account:
    IBAN: IE43 AIBK93 1098 4271 3031
    Ensure that the receiver message has: ART your name
    Use our GoFundMe web site here to make a “donation” equal to the price of the work of art. Make sure your name is included but tick the “Hide name” box.
  2. The form can also be used to make an enquiry about the Exhibition or an individual work.
  3. A member of the exhibition team will be in contact to arrange collection of the picture
  4. The online sale of painting will continue to Tuesday 10 November

Although the exhibition has started, we are still interested in hearing from artists who would like to have their work included. More details here.

The Paintings

Click on the thumbnails for details; size (WxH) includes the frame
* indicates painting(s) added after the exhibition opened

Artists      A-D         E-L           M-R     S-Z Top

Ann Boucher-Hayes
Gabrielle Bowe*
Pam Bowie*
Roland Byrne
John Clinch
George Corcoran
Damien Davey

Artists      A-D         E-L           M-R     S-Z Top

Roxanne Fitzmaurice
Paul Flynn*
Brian Gallagher
Joan Kavanagh
Suzanne Keaney
Nicky Kruseman
Liz Levey*
Caroline Levis
Imogen Lyons

Artists      A-D         E-L           M-R     S-Z Top

Susan Magee
Ruth McGurk
Kevin McSherry
Orlagh M Murphy
Anne O’Beirne
Mary O’Carroll
Brenda O’Connor
Aidan O’Reilly
Maureen Robinson*
Carrie Rogers

Artists      A-D         E-L           M-R     S-Z Top

Clare Sexton
Caitriona Shaffrey
Charlie Sloane*
Evelyn Sloane*
Adele Walsh
George Walsh
Caroline Wiehe
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